About Us

Whoa! People read these? Well, let's get started then! We're Unibear Studio, and we make games. There's a lot of different kinds of work that goes in to making games, and we know that. We also know that we don't know it all. Not even close! That's why we also try to teach people. We have two pretty clear goals:

  • Make the best games we can.
  • Teach people what we've learned.

If you're here, I'm assuming it's because you really like games. We really like games, too. That's why we want everyone to make good games, not just us! So go ahead, jump in to our tutorials, follow what we're doing. Heck, if you've got something you could teach us, you could even write your own tutorial. That's what we're about!

The Team

Jordan "Fariel" Willis

Programming Lead/Manager

Jordan has had an interest in making games ever since he saw his uncle programming away at his own creation in the 90s. After over a decade of studying game design and waiting for a break in to it, he finally had a realization: He would never make games if he didn't make games. That's how this all started.

Growing up on Megaman, Mario, Zelda, and Sonic, you might be surprised to hear that Real Time Strategy is actually his favorite genre, with Platformer as a close followup. But really, the only kind of game he's not fond of is Racing. Everything else is a-okay.

Oh, he also does all the computer sorcery that makes things happen. Seriously, it's sorcery.

Daniel "Sondrian" Pulley

Audio/Visual Lead

Daniel "Sondrian" Pulley, is the one responsible for the audio visuals in our games here at Unibear Studio. As the lone artist for the group currently, he has been dubbed "Arthorse" since anything graphics related has to come from his artistic hooves...erm..hands. (I always forget which one it is.)

He grew up with video games starting with "The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past" and has always loved adventure games, RPG's, and any game that offered a good and rewarding experience. His favorite games, other than the previously mentioned Zelda title, are Command & Conquer, the Halo series, Final Fantasy, and since no one can resist a good elder scrolls game, Skyrim. (Even though he breaks it console or no console.) Minecraft is on this list, but its less of a "I like this game" and one of a yearly binge addiction.

He enjoys sitting and making art, writing music, and chasing cats.