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twin stick shooter

DOOMTANK is a fast-paced twin-stick shooter designed for Ludum Dare 37. DOOMTANK pits you against the endless infernal hordes in an ever-changing room straight from the depths of hell.

Enter the ever-changing room of Hell and slay its inhabitants.

Find and use four new weapons to destroy the minions of hell. Equip armor to stay alive. Place towers that split your shots into two. Most of all, beat your high score.

DOOMTANK supports controllers, keyboard, and keyboard+mouse, and has rebindable keys. We recommend a controller for the best experience.

Update! Version 1.1! New content! This version will be free for a limited time. When the xbox build is published, this version will increase to a price of $5. Get it while it's free! Share it with your friends!

December 12, 2016