Birds of a feather may flock together, but this crow works alone...


2d platformer


The temple of the ancient Nomorians is a one of the few remaining relics of an ancient civilization now long gone. Within its subterranean halls there are rumored to be great secrets of knowledge and artifacts of long lost technology. Within, too, there is danger, for the Nomorian builders did not leave their secrets unguarded. To get to those secrets, one must navigate the dark passages, avoid its sleepless sentries, and defeat the guardian at its core. With such treasures, one could reshape this world, revolutionize industry, and transform society….

...Ehh, but what am I telling you this for, thief? Look, the job is simple - get in there, shut down those defenses, bring me the Nomorian Archives and I'll give you all the nice shineys. Such a simpleton…*ehem*….I'm counting on you Jacque; your reputation speaks well of you. I hope it is, for your sake. The last several hires didn't fare so well…



WASD - Move

J - Jump

K - Dash

L - Shoot

Return - Pause

Arrow Keys - Alt Move

Z - Alt Jump

X - Alt Dash

C - Alt Shoot

Escape - Alt Pause

Controller ----------

Left Stick - Move

A Button - Jump

X Button - Shoot

B Button - Dash

Right Trigger - Alt Shoot

Left Bumper - Alt Dash

Start - Pause

Birds of a feather may flock together,

But this crow works alone…

August 29, 2016