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Escape from Pixelvomit - Episode 1: The Importance of Good Color Choice

Posted by Sondrian on 03/12/17 2:52 PM


The Importance of Good Color Choice

When in the course of game development, we often come to an inevitable reality...we need some sort of art to put into our game, those of us that are serious about this craft anyway. Some may decide to simply commission the assets that they need from an artistic type person, also known as an asset creator or "artist" if you will. Others may purchase a library of premade artwork to use for their games. Yet others may convince an artist to work with them (absurd I know). Some others may simply make the art themselves. But, no matter what you do, I'm here to help you make your pixel vomit look better. FEAR NOT! (okay, fear a little...yes, that's it.)


Let us begin.

When it comes to pixel art, color probably the single most important aspect. You don't have enough resolution for any real detail so you have to create the illusion of detail. The way that pixelart achieves this is through causing the human brain-meat to hallucinate. Using the power of optical illusionary color relationships, we can make certain parts of a flat 2d grid of dots look like it is close up, far away, or between the distance of others things. We can create the illusion that there is light or shadow, We can even arrange our dots in such a way as to cause us to see colors that just aren't there. This sorcery is called color choice, and it is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.

Let's make a rock!

1. Getting Started

    Or a piece of poop, either way, we tried...

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